Cashnet is engaging our customers with a new improved online learning portal—available now!


You aren’t growing if you aren’t learning—an important principle Cashnet applies to everything it does. In a continued effort to make information more accessible to users, our Cashnet Campus Education team has implemented an improved learning management system so users can now have easier access to self-paced training online. The portal update is part of Cashnet’s initiative to improve areas of the Cashnet platform, like the UI/UX for eMarket. It has a new look with added content, lives on an award-winning platform powered by SkillJar—and is up and running and ready to use!

Learning portal gets a refresh.

This important tool is a much more progressive and complex learning environment than the basic past portal, known as eTrain. Now we can provide a content-rich training platform that gives administrators the extra support they need so they can learn all there is to know about using Cashnet, from A to Z. Users can look forward to accessing in-depth, online information at their leisure on Cashnet modules and add-ons that include detailed slides and informative webinars.

“Cashnet is an amazing tool,” said Director of Campus Education Abbey Moore, also responsible for implementing this initiative. “I strongly stand behind its efficiency and what it can do for schools. But, if campuses don’t have the understanding of it, it is on us to put the information out there so they can take full advantage of its offerings.”

You can say that was happening with the old portal. Users were not taking full advantage of the training system. So Abbey Moore, Director of Campus Education set out to change that. But it didn’t happen overnight.

ETrain set out to fill that gap, but over time there were certain limitations that needed updating. “In the past, administrators had to request log-in information then wait for us to send it to them,” said Alex Feldman, who was Campus Education Associate at the time. “We’d send them an email with a user name and password.” They could have been waiting 24 hours. With the new portal, access is immediate. Abbey explained the old system was designed also for higher education and assumed learners were students taking college courses. “The new system is designed for a corporate environment that includes an onboarding process for continuing education.”

What users can expect.

Users can expect an intuitive interface that is much easier to navigate. They can also experience a self-serve account set up that allows them to sign in just once and be able to interact with peers and Cashnet training staff. A new commenting feature will provide communal support for questions related to the Cashnet modules.

Administrators will also have the ability to see their campus team’s training progress. All they have to do is issue a request by emailing We then send them a link to a reporting portal so they can run reports on staff and monitor progress.

Why is this a better portal?

“It is more task-based and focused on what are they are trying to accomplish” said Abbey. “Let’s face it, people can’t remember everything. So the whole point of site is to provide more context than a manual, to give access to users when they actually need it.”

This new training platform will be chock full of material and will constantly be updated. After moving all the content over, the project initiative is now in stage 2: revamping content. New material will be added regularly—such as webinars covering CE2016.2’s release!

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  • Easier functionality, interface
  • Self-service set up
  • Self-paced learning (24-hour access, any time you need to learn more about CASHNet)
  • Access to reporting (new hires, employee training, etc.)
  • New commenting feature
  • Constant updated information