University of the Pacific

Modules Implemented

Mobile Payments App

The Problem

California’s University of the Pacific needed a new way to accept on-the-go payments. It was using secured laptops and cellular transmission to process debit and credit card payments, but the method was far from efficient. “It was slow but it got the job done,” said Matt Camino, Director of eCommerce, University of the Pacific. Though many people—including students, faculty and staff—asked about mobile payment options such as Square, the University was hesitant.

It’s a great tool, but it’s not enterprise-ready,” said Camino. He also had security concerns. “Everyone who wanted to use Square wanted to use their own cell phone, but phones are jailbroken and can have malware,” Camino said. So when Cashnet announced it was developing a mobile payments app, Pacific, a longtime Cashnet eMarket client, was excited to try it out.

CASHNet Mobile Payments iPad App

Implementing the Mobile Payments App

Pacific was one of the first schools selected to be a beta user for Cashnet’s Mobile Payments iPad app. As a Cashnet client, they knew the app would integrate with Banner to simplify end-of-day reconciliation. Based on consultation with their IT department and guidance from the PCI council, Pacific decided to make all the iPads that use the app cellular-only for enhanced security. After the success of the beta launch, word quickly spread through the campus that mobile payments were now a reality, thanks to the Cashnet app.


As of February 2016, Pacific has used the Cashnet app for 4,892 transactions totaling over $312,800. Camino said implementing the app has led to less phone calls and more processed transactions, and that student organizations have found it especially convenient for ticket-selling and fundraising. Overall, it has eased the sales process and made accepting payments more efficient. “We have Cashnet for a reason. It integrates with Banner. That file, at the end of the night, posts everything in.”