Simplify bill presentment

We work with you to automate bill presentment and processing functions, while expanding payment options for student and authorized users.

Benefits for your staff
  • Automates bill presentment (including 1098-T and 1098-E), delivery and processing on the web
  • Eliminates labor and postage costs associated with printing and mailing bills
  • Electronically delivers complete student accounts, detailing new charges, and payment history
Key features for students
  • Uses secure, single sign-on compatibility with existing campus portals
  • Provides a full, comprehensive account history including non-tuition charges
  • Offers email and text alert notifications

Make paying easier

Give your students the ability to securely make payments over the web, while simultaneously helping to streamline campus operations and reduce costs.

Benefits for your staff
  • Offers different payment options, including credit and debit cards, ACH, campus card, 529, and foreign currency
  • Leverages our User Emulation technology to view a portal exactly how a student does
  • Processes transactions securely on a PCI-DSS-validated platform designed to help you be compliant with applicable standards and laws
  • Integrates with many ERP systems, including home grown
Key features for students
  • Uses secure, single sign-on function to allow easy access to the student portal
  • Provides hassle-free international payments accepted with Western Union integration to help ease the transition for international students
  • Self-service with single sign-on campus portal integration available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • FERPA-compliant parent PINs set up and managed by the student, so they remain in full control

Reduce the cost of accepting payments

Our SmartPay solution offers you a one-stop payment processing feature for all credit and debit card transactions.

Our intelligent SmartPay system is a multi-layered approach to security and privacy, which helps reduce risk to your campus and house data by keeping it in a secure environment—and not on your campus. SmartPay also allows you to choose which credit and debit card charges will carry a convenience fee or service fee and whether you want to pass that on to the payer. The payer is notified several times during the transaction about the fee assessment.

Benefits for your staff
  • Handles credit card reconciliation, chargebacks, refunds, and voice authorizations
  • Redirects previously paid funds as credit card fees for capital projects, school programs, etc.
  • Operates independently or in conjunction with eMarket and ePayment
  • Reduces your campus PCI scope

Give more ways to pay

Our technology offers flexible tuition options to help your students manage the growing costs of higher education.

Benefits for your staff
  • Provides online enrollment via electronic signature
  • Offers different payment options: credit and debit cards, ACH, 529, and campus card
  • Allows fixed and variable plans to attract and retain students
Features for students
  • Allows FERPA-compliant parent PINs, set up by the student so they are in full control of their own account
  • Provides an overview of the payment plan, showing balances due and payments remaining
  • Uses automated recurring payment set up
Choose between Full-Service Payment Plans or Payment Plan Software
A Unique Support Model

We provide support service representatives for the life of your contract. Your students will also be given a special customer support number with a dedicated call center located right here in the U.S. to help solve any issues.

Cost Savings

We help you save on both administrative and marketing costs.

Customized Payment Plans

We help you create plans with specific services such as tuition, housing, and meals.

Payment Options

We make it easy to choose either credit or debit card, ACH, international funds transfer, 529, or campus card.

Access to funds

We make sure you receive funds immediately.


Our platform seamlessly integrates your existing campus portal.

Administrative Access

You’ll receive detailed data insights, including past-due student account history.

Our Payment Plan Software is a savings solution that allows students or authorized payers to enroll in one or more payment plans. You have the ability to design and manage the plan to meet your administrative needs.


Activate in-person payments

Give your students the option to make an in-person payment either in the business office or through our mobile solution.

Benefits for your staff
  • Configures for quick-click payment processing
  • Seamlessly integrates with most ERP systems, including home grown
  • Customizes to match your specific campus business policies and procedures
  • Researches and reports on all customer information from one centralized platform
  • Reduces cost and effort related to PCI compliance
Key features for students
  • Expedited in-person payment experience, either in the business office or when attending a campus activity
  • Adds flexibility of using multiple tender types
  • Give students fast updates to account balances

Set up online stores

Offer your campus departments a secure, easy-to-use tool for creating their own storefronts—without using valuable campus IT resources.

Features for your staff
  • Allows users to create, manage, and operate a storefront with its own URL to sell only the items they choose
  • Provides a simple shopping experience with photos, descriptions, with fast and easy payment checkout options
  • Offers a variety of tender types, including foreign currency
  • Stores all transaction information in the central Cashnet database
eMarket offers two components which can be used independently or together:


With our easy-to-use template, rapidly create online storefronts for campus departments to accept credit and debit cards and ACH/EFT payments.


Use this feature to add a shopping cart/payment page to an existing storefront.


Accept payments on the go

We can help turn your iPad® device into a cash register with our Cashnet Mobile Payments app, making it easy to process transactions all over campus.

Use it at campus-sponsored events to offer tickets to sporting events and theater productions, sell school merchandise, and more.

Benefits for your staff
  • Provides added security with an encrypted credit card reader
  • Uses features to easily find payment transactions
  • Accepts different payment options including credit and debit cards, ACH, and campus card
  • Integrates with online products to ease reconciliation
  • Enables staff to conveniently offers purchases on the go
  • Increases campus brand awareness

“Implementing the app has led to less phone calls and more processed transactions, and student organizations have found it especially convenient for ticket-selling and fundraising.”

Matt Camino, University of the Pacific


Make disbursing funds effortless

Releasing your students’ financial aid and general funds just got fast and easy with eRefund.

Benefits for your staff
  • Securely provides electronic processing for financial aid refunds
  • Eliminates the need for paper checks and reduces administrative costs
  • Allows your business office to keep track of students who have opted in to receive electronic refund disbursements
  • Provides seamless integration with your ERP systems
Key features for your students
  • Facilitation of fund disbursement to a student’s designated bank account
  • Enroll online and to expedite receiving funds as a direct deposit
  • Automatic disbursement notification via email or text

Customize your platform

Create a solution that exactly fits your payment processing needs.

International Payments

With this feature, you can accept international payments via one of our established integration relationships.


Dynamic Billing

When you combine eBill with our Dynamic Billing functionality, your students can view real-time balance updates in their personalized portal, including financial aid. This gives you the advantage to customize displays to reveal preferred information.

529 Integration

Enable payers to make payments directly from a supported 529 account through the Cashnet portal.


1098-T and 1098-E

Give your students the ability to view and download their tax forms electronically.

Build a seamless payment experience

with the Cashnet payment platform